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And in this manner the energetical existence of the human being has been scrupulously verified and prouved by via experimental.

The Biotherapy as energy-balancing method has been steadily gaining popularity throughout the world as one of the most powerful healing arts ever developed.

Svetlana Secrieru is a certified biotherapist in bioenergy treatment by the method of Djuna Davitasvili with 22 years experience in biotherapeutical practice.

The art to cure with the application of the hands or with the execution of them pass at the level of the subtle bodies appeared since the antiqity.

In all this time, curing hundreds patient, returning many of them joy of the lifes. Each person sufferring any disease can send an e-mail to Svetlana Secrieru asking a bioenergetical treatment. You must describe in detail the disease which you suffer.

Welcome on the Biotherapist's page

On demand treatment may be performed remotely  (for viewing treatment use skype or messenger), Mrs. Svetlana acting directly to the patient's subtle body. For more information please write to email secrieru_svetlana@yahoo.com