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    Deseases of the heart and blood system


    Skin deseases: Allergy, Eczema, Psoriasis

    Deseases of the respiratory system


    Agenesis, low libido

    Problems of the digestive system


    Ovarian Cysts

    Pathological deseases


    Yeast infections, Vaginitis

    Gynecological problems








    Urinary tract infections









    Diabetes, etc.

Biotherapy resolve the problem of deseases:

The Biotherapy Treatment

Biotherapy sessions are relatively short. They may be conducted with the patient standing, sitting or lying down. The Biotherapist sweeps his hands around the patient’s body to find the imbalanced areas. He recognizes the changes in the field, and by manipulating the energy restores the original balance to the entire energy system.

There are no limits. Biotherapy can affect anything from simple headaches to the most complicated medical conditions. Results will vary according to many factors: the experience and genetic potential of the healer/Biotherapist, the type of the illness/disease, the lifestyle of the patient, the number oftreatments, etc.

The Biotherapy sessions:

-  MIN 10 minutes

-  MAX 30-40 minutes

The Treatment Period:

-  MIN 10 days

-  MAX 30-40 days

Biotherapy include also numerous positive effects of the immune system and modulation of the inflammatory responses.