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29 of October  1999


My name is Lazar Cristina , I am from the city of Constanta and I am 32 years old.


As a result of the fatigue states, permanent headaches, states of depression, the menstruation that came up to twice a month with clots, abundant, pains in the genital zone, I decided to go to a medical consultation. The diagnosis in faith of the mammography, of the visit to the gynaecologist, of the genital ultra sound fell hard and dryly: polifibromatos uterus, ovarian cyst on the right side of 3 cm, fibro-nodular mastosis of the right breast. I began drug treatment with Orgametril, with tranquillisers, breast ointments, but it felt that they did not bring any improvement, because the pains in the breasts persisted, the menstruation seemed to be more abundant than before, in addition I fattened a few kilos because of the hormonal treatment that I followed.

In consequence, I decided to pass to other methods reading, especially in the excellent weekly newspaper "Formula AS" on the complementary therapies. I honestly can say  that, out of instinct, after having read the article about Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru and saw the photo in the newspaper No. 362 from 17-24 of May, 1999 something said to me: "This is the way" and I decided, finally, to follow the sessions with bio energy.

After the first 10 sessions my states were of creeps,  heat sometimes, others of cold that felt intensely, no longer resisted to start off if there were a colder weather, pains in the genital zone, especially the uterus that felt tightening itself, being placed almost in the same way that when giving birth. I mention that I have two daughters: the elder one is 13 years old, the younger one is 3 years old, and only when giving birth I felt such type of pains. After a new visit to the ultrasound after the first 10 sessions, amazement:   ovarian cyst  had disappeared, the uterus was normally positioned, of normal sizes, that as the lady doctor had told me was too big for an age like mine.

After a month of pause, I returned to have other 10 sessions that continued my process of healing. I had again  a month pause and I made the third series of sessions with Mrs. Svetlana.

What could say now after 30 sessions: my physical state is excellent, already the breasts do not ache any longer, nor the head, I can say nothing. My life really improved through the health state that I am feeling now, a state that I only had when I was 16-18 years old. I say sincerely that even my face become younger. I can say I am another person: with courage, with confidence in my own forces,  I even have the desire to go to my brother in the United States to my brother, desire that did not exist before, probably because of the moral state that I felt almost 80% of the time.

At the same time with me, my husband undertook the 30 sessions. He had a bile loaded with mud, with stones, a general state of fatigue, had also a skin disease that was located on the chest, on the backbone down to the waist, sometimes appearing some red spots even on the face, the wings of the nose, etc.

As a result of the procedure that has been recommended us by Mrs. Svetlana I eliminated stones of the dimension of a grape, and other like an olive. My husband had the skin disease on his whole body, it bloomed as small spots, others like crusts that became broken by themselves. After the 20 sessions the skin returned to the pink colour, normal, the crusts disappearing totally.

He had also on the left foot a cardinal red, ugly scar like an excrescence that became greater and it itched him. This one came from a dog bite when being a child, and that probably was not treated suitably, and now at 34 years of age it began to create problems to him. After all the 30 sessions, the swelling retreated, was approximately of the dimension of a coin, with a slightly cardinal red colour. With time we had the certainty it was going to disappear.

I mention the fact that my husband feels very, very well, he is able to work, almost does not know what  the fatigue is. His physical and psychic state is of grade 10 (ten).  

 City of Galati,

26 of October, 1999

Tel:  036/ 468768

My name is  Serbanu Georgeta, I am from Galati and I am 43 years old.

Two years ago they put the diagnosis to me of "ventricular extrasistal arrhythmia" (irregular beatings of the heart), period in which I had the pulse of 155 beatings per minute.  It went to several doctors in Galati, Bucharest, Braila that prescribed medicines  to me, but did not find the cause.  I mention that during the medication I had very strong extra systoles and I was scared to death.  In that time I tried to have a few sessions of cojoterapia, sessions that did to me very badly. Being a loyal reader of "Formula AS" newspaper, I found in one of the numbers of this newspaper, section Naturist Therapists, an article about Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru and I  put many hopes in her without even knowing her.  I contacted her and I began the first cycle of sessions from the 1st  of August to the 11 of August of 1999.

The great surprise and at the same time joy was to feel that my suffering began to improve starting with the third session.  Beginning with the fourth session I interrupted the drug treatment definitively, the pulse became regular, it had extra systoles only 8 per day.  Also during these 10 sessions I eliminated many stones from the bile.

During 20-26 of October, I came back to Mrs. Svetlana for the second cycle of sessions.  During this period the extra systoles diminished from 8 to 3, and the last day of the session I did not have any  more.  Therefore I thank  God for having found this lady, who  is gifted with such gift  that makes miracles.

I owe her all  my gratitude and respect by the rest of my life and I wish her out of my heart that she has the force and the health to cure those suffering.  With love, gratitude and much respect for Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru.    

As we have gained a very great confidence seeing results on us two, we decided to also take the older daughter of 13 years for 10 sessions of prophylactics.

The symptoms described by her surprised both of us:  it began to hurt the left ear as when she was 1 year old had otitis.  The right eye also began to ache.  She went swimming in the swimming pool and because of the water treated with chlorine she made a form of acute conjunctivitis, fact that determined us not to leave her to go swimming.  I suppose that the infection had not been cured totally with medicines administered to the respective time.  My daughter also had pains at the left hand and the left foot where she had an old cut, ugly, that had been healed very ugly.  I believe that the 15 sessions fully undertaken, stirred  her, woke up pains to her that we did not expect, but in the end the result was amazing.  My daughter feels very well, does not have any pains, is more relaxed, more balanced.  Before she used to speak quickly that you could not understand anything, most of the times she even did not finish the words either, but now she speaks clearly and very calmly.  

We considered that only the mercy God guided  Mrs. Svetlana’s steps on our ground so that we could also benefit from this wonderful force - BIOENERGY.  We will always be  thankful to her gift and I bend my head kissing her hands with which she cured us all, a whole family.   

Bucharest, 2001

Tel:             (021) 3222308      

My name is Tocats Otilia-Maria. I am from Bucharest and I am 49 years old.

I knew Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru through the newspaper "Formula As", after innumerable ways to several doctors of several hospitals, and my disease - psoriasis - did not improve at all. They gave me all kinds of ointments that improved my condition for the moment, but later the prurit reappeared. I have spent 10 years like this, always with these ointments, and a day of Tuesday 1999, my mother died and I had an unexpected shock (because I could not express myself, to cry), the psoriasis became general in all the body, digging bloody wounds from the head to the toes. Even now when I am writing these lines, it itches me all over the body when thinking of how I was then. It went to the Colentina hospital where they prescribed me to make ultra-violet rays, which, instead of improving my state, worsened it (wounds appeared in places they weren’t before). I received all type of pomades, some of them burned my skin, the sheets and everything what touched me, I was desperate.

During the same period I found out, in my desperation, of a doctor who said that he would cure to me, he was in "Popesti Leordeni". He had a light bulb with laser beams which he worked all over my body and each time he promised I will recover. I went to him for one year from March 1999 to March 2000, but the miracle did not happen. Of course that could not help me of any way. Instead, after these sessions I developed intestine nodules and numerous warts, on the chest. He also did injections to me with box thorn extract that fattened my body by 11 kg (70 kg). I was desperate and very, very pale.

It was very, very angered, desperate, but God did not leave me and a day, when arriving at work, my colleague Roxana, showed me the newspaper "Formula As" where it wrote that one lady biotherapist, Secrieru Svetlana, saves innumerable patients of several diseases and she advised me to goes to her.

Without the smallest hope I began the bioenergy sessions with Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru. I did everything exactly how she told me to. Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru had as much patience with me because I was at the point from not believing anymore to my curing.

After the second cycle of sessions to Mrs. Svetlana, all the warts disappeared, only one was left that turned black and fell at the following sessions. Then the hope to cure appeared again. On the uterine neck I had a wound (cauterized a few times and broken again), after the biotherapy sessions to Mrs. Svetlana the wound closed entirely and I did not have any more pains. Thus the intestinal polyps retired also one by one, I had no abdominal pains anylonger.

After the third cycle of sessions the wounds began to dry and to make a white scab. Every night I took bioenergy charged salt baths.

Also I made a procedure, because my tongue was charged (off-white) almost all along, because it also had problems with the bile. After the sessions of Mrs. Svetlana I eliminated nine stones big as the nail the nail of my toe, of a greenish color. I began to feel better each day.

After another cycle of sessions the wounds on my head and face began to dry out and to disappear one by one. Also at this moment I began to thin 3.5 kg every month. The wounds on my hands also disappeared, and after another cycle, those on all my body and feet. Only some light colored spots remained on my feet, but they disappeared entirely in time.

Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru had much patience with me, because I was distrustful until seeing the first signs of the treatment. The truth is that she was not only curing a disease of the body, but everything what it is ill cured through bioenergy.

My younger son made 10 sessions of biotherapy and grew in height by 20-30 cm. My husband had had an accident at the work with both feet hit, with wounds that could not cure any more, and the supurated. After 10 sessions, Mrs. Svetlana closed his wounds and now he is well again.

Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru is my doctor and the doctor of my family, we all love her and we are thankful to her of all our heart for everything what she did and is doing to us.

Bucharest, 2002

For Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru


This is the first word with which I want to begin. It is a simple word, but with a deep resonance, when it is from the heart. I came to You with a note of scepticism and hope at the same time. Fed up with medicines, I wanted to turn to the alternative medicine. The decision was taken at the moment when I read the article in "Formula As", on You treating the people through bioenergy. And I said that it was the moment for me to start.

After an ecographic examination, one of the diagnoses was the one of right renal lithiasis (skin calculi with a 4- 5 mm diameter), left renal microlithiasis (skin calculi with a 0.2 mm diameter) and the left kidney fallen. I also had problems with the billiary vesicle, the genital organs, etc.

One of the expressions of the lady doctor who did the ecography was "You have an organism of an old woman". And I am 31 year old.

I began a series of 10 sessions with bioenergy. After the first session I was able to put my own diagnosis. In addition to the heat waves that I felt, the affected places began to hurt me. It was not an acute pain, but a chronic  pain.

After the ninth session, I eliminated of the bile a fistful of calculi big as an olive. More indeed, I eliminated 8 great calculi big as an olive and 20-30 smaller calculi. Somebody, a doctor told me that these calculi cannot be eliminated by the colledic canal, as they are too big. In spite of this I eliminated them.

After the ninth session You said to me that still there were calculations in the bile, I did not eliminate all, and this was confirmed by the ecography which I took after the completion of the sessions. To the ecography the diagnosis of right renal lithiasis and left renal microlithiasis was no more, the stones were broken and now there is only sand. Annexed for confirmation the two ecographies: before and later.

My name is Roxana Radu, with address in Bucharest, Aleea Vlahuta no. 1, bl. P.M. 18 bis, entrance 1, floor 4, appt. 159, sector 3, Phone No. 6749009. Indications with thousand thanks.



Roxana Radu

Roxana Radu

lithiasis, genital problems

 Tocats Otilia-Maria


Lazar Cristina

polifibromatos uterus, ovarian cyst fibro-nodular breast mastosis

Serbanu Georgeta

ventricular extrasistal arhythmia

Cazacu Ecaterina

unidentified disturbances of heart beat rate

 Chisinau 2001

Tel:  (373) 37 2 45 33

I am 35 years and my name is Cazacu Ecaterina.  In the spring of year 2001, as a result of the medical control to the heart they put the diagnosis of unidentified disturbances of heart beat rate.  I  had to urgently take surgery of introduction of the valve (device with 2 chambers to the heart), because I had a blocking to the heart with many pauses.  I was hospitalised and went under medical supervision 24/24 hours.  The operation was very expensive for me and knowing the exceptional results of Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru, I decided to follow a cycle of treatment with bioenergy with her.  


Mrs. Svetlana told me that the case was complicated, but that she would begin the treatment with short pauses between the series of sessions, because the risk was the too great.  The results were amazing, the doctors were surprised seeing that the impossible was made.  In only 3 months I  was definitively cured, and in the end the doctors said to me:  "Your heart is healthier than the one of a healthy person".  In order to observe the evolution of the treatment I will describe the results of the monitors of supervision to the heart after each cycle of sessions followed with Mrs. Svetlana Secrieru.


Monitor indicators


After seeing these results I pay hommage to Mrs Svetlana Secrieru, and cover her with thousand thanks and remain grateful to her for my entire life.

Pre-treatment phase

1880 pauses/24 Hours (max. pauses with a duration of 4,45 sec.)

2nd degree block

After 1 cycle of 20 sessions

52 pauses/24 Hours (max. pauses with a duration of 2,06 sec.)

2nd degree block

After 2 cycles of 20 sessions

2 pauses/24 Hours (max. pauses with a duration of 1.76 sec.)

2nd degree block

After 3 cycles of 15 sessions

No pauses recorded

1st degree block

After 4 cycles of 10 sessions

No pauses recorded

No block